Konsztrukting Soundz Evening #5

KONSZTRUKTING SOUNDZ Evening #5, 18th May 2024

an evening of improvised electronic and electroacoustic music

Date: 18th May 2024, Saturday

TICKETS: £7 online (https://www.wegottickets.com/event/619297) or £10 CASH at the door
Doors open: 19:00
Concert Start: 19:30
Concet Setup: 4 sets with 15 minutes break in between.
Concert End: 22:00

VENUE: The Fishermen’s Chapel, New Road, Leigh-on-Sea , SS9 2EA (Google Maps link https://maps.app.goo.gl/mUpF5yzawrWLpybo7)

Evening setup

  1. Set #1 – Jo Morrison, Nicky Smith, Faradina Afifi, Bettina Schroeder
  2. Short break
  3. Set #2 – Lucia H Chung
  4. Short break
  5. Set #3 – Iris Garrelfs & Tansy Spinks
  6. Short break
  7. Set #4 – Georgina Brett

About Artists


Jo Morrison’s deeper interest in extended vocal techniques developed whilst participating in an Experimental Sound Art course at the Mary Ward Centre in 2020. Through lockdown she then joined the Groningen Vocal Exploration Choir online, which lead to introductions & collaborations with the free improv community in the UK. She has taken part in Maggie Nicols’ The Gathering, Faradena Afifi’s Noisy Peoples Orchestra, Sharon Gals SOUND OUT and co-created WHIP-MA-WHOP-MA-GATE with Milana Sarukhanyan, Iris Garrelfs & Faradena Afifi. She is now a member of The Noisy Women Present, sometimes performs with the London Improvisers Orchestra, occasionally joins the Virtual London Improvisation Workshop & thankfully experienced the open mic sessions at SKRONK (New River Studios) before they ended recently.


Nicky Smith is a singer/songwriter/poet/dancer and noise maker. Over the years she has found herself in many different musical constellations including an experimental noise band, psychedelic rock, abstract covers, choirs and rap. Given the chance she will try to make interesting sounds out of anything and will dance to everything.


Bettina Schroeder has performed spoken word at various poetry and music events, frequently accompanied by her electric Ukulele or lap steel guitar with FX or/and found objects. Performances at: ‘Paper Tiger Poetry’ at Tea House Theatre, ‘MOPOMOSO’ event at Vortex Jazz Club’, CRUNCH’ poetry and exhibition events,’Molypolyscriptoscribble’ poetry events, , London Improvisers Orchestra, Oooh International Improvisation Festivals, ‘BOA-TING’ with Steve Beresford, Neil Marsh’s Vanishing Point at AMP Studios, Iklectik, international improv music SKRONKFESTS, Anna Göldi Museum, Glarus Switzerland, Intox Extravaganza and more.
For album releases with air play at BBC3, BBC Introducing, WFMU New York, 2BOB Radio, Australia, Resonance Radio and others, see below
  • -Album UP BEAT by Bettina Schroeder & Xqui – release on Wormhole World label (Featured on BBC introducing) VIDEO sampler: https://youtu.be/3QpcVk5JYpo
  • Album release on Wormhole world records: VERSUS by Jude Cowan Montague & Bettina Schroeder
    Video sampler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4ZVIdgNalU
  • Album SHATTER RESISTANT by Bettina Schroeder & Tony Irving – original release on Linear Obsessional label (Featured on BBC Radio3, FREENESS, Vision Festival, programme by Corey Mwamba


Faradina Afifi is the founder of The Noisy Women Present, and The Noisy People’s Improvising Orchestra, Fara is also an initiator, connector and performer. Faradena is a person with neurodiversity who has mixed Afghan/British heritage. She is a T’ai Chi Chuan practitioner/instructor, folk singer and improvising community musician who plays bowed string instruments, piano and percussion. She also specialises in healing music and T’ai Chi-based exercises for people with learning differences and brain injuries/conditions.
During lockdown 2020, through jamming online with Maggie Nicols, Fara joined the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and the Improvising Ensemble (IE). This led to performing with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO), and with Maggie Nicol’s Creative Liberation Orchestra in Stockholm 2021 and various musicians since. She co-leads the International Online Improvising Workshop with Tony Hardie Bick, the online sister of The London Improvising Workshop, originally started by Eddie Prevost.
When not teaching or performing on stage, she is out busking with Cambridge musician Banjo Nick.


Lucia H. Chung is a Taiwanese artist based in London, United Kingdom. She performs and releases music under the alias ‘en creux’ where the sound creation springs from her fascinations in noise generated through no-input feedback mixing board. The volatile nature of the system and the unpredictable glitch from the excessive energy pouring into the equipment becomes her improvisational and compositional strategy.
Lucia’s passion lies in live performance and has regularly performed solo and with collaborators in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America, including Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, Krama Festival, Lisboa Soa Festival, Sanatorium of Sound Festival and Festival Electropixel.
‘Fuzz comes alive, moving at odd angles like the sinuous threads are being chased by a series of subatomic bleeps and flashes. Tension rises as the tempo picks up, fueling the disjointed rhythmic quality within each sterile, self-contained unit.’ – Fox Digitalis
Website: https://luciahchung.com/
Bandcamp: https://bandcamp.com/encreuxmusic
Facebook: @lucia.h.chung
Twitter: @encreuxmusic
Instagram: @encreuxmusic
Video link: https://www.ursss.com/2022/10/en-creux/


Georgina Brett is a composer and event organiser. After studying an MA in Electroacoustic composition under Jonty Harrison she went on to produce cd’s of binaural recordings from eco-festivals. In 2003 she began making vocal live-looping collages/improvisations/compositions and has composed many albums exploring a range of ideas and musical challenges for mono-choir. She began Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient in 2012 to promote artists creating music on the cusp of electro-acoustic and ambient styles. Having gained a fascination for surround sound spatial music at undergraduate level she has curated a number of multispeaker concerts in London over the years.


Iris Garrelfs works on the cusp of music, art and technology across improvised performance, multi-channel installation and fixed media projects, often using her voice as raw material. Her work has featured in places such as Iklectik, Café Oto, Tate Britain, Hundred Years Gallery, National Gallery London, Royal Academy of Arts (London), fruityspace (Beijing), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome), MC Gallery (New York), Transmedia Borders (Mexico).
Residencies have included Grizedale Art, Institute of Modern Art Celje (Slovenia), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens). With a PhD from CRiSAP (UAL), Garrelfs is Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London, where she runs the Improvisor Collective and co-heads the Sound Practice Research Unit.


Tansy Spinks is an artist, photographer, performer, live-improviser, sound and video maker, Tansy Spinks is currently researching means of listening, materiality in sound-making and site-specific sound as a live, performative practice. Her publication Sound Art and Music: Philosophy, Composition, Performance (Dack, Spinks, Stanovic) is published by Cambridge Scholars Press.
Sound projects include The Lab of Sonic Possibility and Whitstable Biennale fringe events for Sounding Shore, with Iris Garrelfs, the Text Scores of Place series, originally commissioned for a solo show at M2 gallery) The Sound Bureau project space in Brixton, investigations into Hearing Narratives in literature, with novelist Adam Lively and
live responses to film (at APT gallery, for Anne Robinson’s film, The Hurrier, 2021 and for her current film The Charmers 2023, with Maggie Nichols and Keith Piper’s film Viva Voce for Tate Britain 2024 and to the paintings of Monica Sjoo at Beaconsfield Gallery, 2022. She also devised and led the graphic score ensemble for Tom Phillip’s memorial event at the South London Gallery, 2023, (for electric violin, bassoon, theremin, toy pianos and objects from Tom’s studio). She is currently a member/participant of the London Improvisor’s orchestra and Eddie Prevost’s London Improviser’s Workshop.
With a PhD from LCC, Fine Art degree, MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London and a Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music, London, (violin) she is also a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Middlesex University and until recently, PL for MA Fine Art.