Konsztrukting Soundz Evening #2

KONSZTRUKTING SOUNDZ Evening #2, 24th February 2024

an evening of improvised electronic and electroacoustic music

Date: 24th February 2024, Saturday

Admission Fee: £5 CASH at the door
Doors open: 19:00
Concert Start: 19:30
Concet Setup: 3 solo sets with 15 minutes break in between.
Concert End: 21:45

Venue: The Fishermen’s Chapel, 39 New Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2EA

Evening setup

  1. Set #1 Rorquals solo
  2. Short break
  3. Set #2 JellyWolf Trio
  4. Short break
  5. Set #3 Pyrokynesys solo

About Artists


JellyWolf is a collective of one to five performers. The sounds are midi enhanced analogue string, wind and percussive forms. That aim to establish a language of expressive experience.


Pyrokynesys performs experimental drone/noise using a variety of hardware and iPad apps. Audiences are taken on unusual aural adventures through ambience, texture and abrasion.


Rorquals is the project of Essex based experimental musician and composer Robert Mells – Utilising amplified guitar, organ, electronics and field recordings to create honest and intense compositions merging drone, ambient, electronica, noise and film score work.