Konsztrukting Soundz Evening #1

KONSZTRUKTING SOUNDZ Evening #1, 27th January 2024

an evening of improvised electronic and electroacoustic music

Date: 27th January 2024, Saturday

Admission Fee: £5 CASH at the door
Doors open: 19:00
Concert Start: 19:30
Concet Setup: 3 solo sets with 15 minutes break in between.
Concert End: 21:45

Venue: St Mark’s Church, 2 Princes Street, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1QA

Evening setup

  1. Set #1 The Spermaceti Organ solo
  2. Short break
  3. Set #2 Adrian Lane & Bryan Styels duo
  4. Short break
  5. Set #3 N|O|E|W|A solo

About Artists


Behind the stage name N|O|E|W|A is Lev Dudas, the creative power of N/O/E/W/A sonic and music projects. his manifesto is: finding the right combination of instruments and sounds is an art form in itself, and takes the same creative energy as choosing the right chords, creating a beautiful melody or writing engaging lyrics. Lev is a sonic adventurer, constantly seeking his unique voice, that particular sonic signature, through experimenting and learning and combining all sorts of instruments, devices and objects, while being aware of surrounding noise and world’s soundscapes.


Visual artist, and musician. Adrian Lane creates instrumental neo-classical, ambient music and abstract textural mixed media paintings, many of his paintings can be found on the cover of his albums.


The Spermaceti Organ is the solo project of Steve O’Malley (Sunfish Starfish, Davis/O’Malley, The Tin Tabernacle). The original concept was to make as much loud, improvised noise with minimal equipment as possible. Inevitably the concept has moved onto something else. But what? Who knows? I don’t.

NOTE: Event Cover Artwork by Rahel Dudas http://aesth3te.art/