N/O/E/W/A is…

N/O/E/W/A encapsulates a journey into sonic realms and free-form electroacoustic improvisations. I am Levente Dudas, and the inception of N/O/E/W/A took root while I was engrossed in curating and promoting contemporary free-form jazz and improvised music in Szekesfehervar, a town situated approximately 45 km (30 miles) southwest of Budapest, Hungary, during the 2008–2009 period. Initially, my focus was on achieving success as a music promoter, without any inclination towards sound art, sonic exploration, or the creation of experimental electroacoustic music.

Fast forward to early 2019, a transformative moment struck me during a live performance, prompting a decision to embark on a personal journey as a sonic explorer and adventurer. Uncertain about the form it would take, where to begin, or the approach to adopt, I delved into the works of various electroacoustic composers, musicians, and performers—some of whom are listed under influences. Armed with minimal experience and knowledge, I acquired my inaugural hardware synth, the Moog SubSequent 37. As I twiddled the knobs, I conjured captivating sounds and intricate sonic textures from the machine, achieving a sense of exhilaration with the creation of my initial arpeggiated rhythm pattern.

Since then, my quest has been a continuous exploration to discover my distinct voice as a sonic artist, sound designer, noise enthusiast, and performer.

My Story

I hail from Backa Topola, a quaint town in the erstwhile Yugoslavia, now situated in northern Serbia, approximately 50 km (35 miles) from the Hungarian border.

During my early teenage years, I found myself immersed in the vibrant world of rock ‘n’ roll. Initially drawn to the sounds of local bands like Leb i Sol, Bijelo Dugme, and Riblja Corba in Yugoslavia, my musical horizons expanded as I began to appreciate global influences. My playlist evolved to include iconic bands such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, as well as more eclectic choices like The Can, Dead Can Dance, The Cure, Bauhaus, Front242, Test Dept, Coil and Einsturzende Neubauten.

However, the pivotal moment that revolutionized my understanding and perception of music, shaping my aspirations in the musical realm, came from diverse and independent sources. Arnold Schoenberg’s orchestral compositions, the evocative soundtrack of “2001: Space Odyssey,” Tangerine Dream’s transcendent “Zeit” and the mesmerizing Jan Garbarek Group’s “African Pepperbird,” along with Iannis Xenakis’ enigmatic “Persepolis,” all played a role in profoundly influencing my musical journey. Each piece stood out for its intriguing and mysterious qualities, sparking a deep excitement that fueled my desire to both create and engage with such captivating sounds.

My Artistic Mission

Crafting the perfect blend of instruments and sounds is an art in itself, demanding the same creative essence required for selecting the right chord, composing a beautiful melody, or penning engaging lyrics. Throughout history, individuals have delved into the experimentation of combining instruments, a practice extending back centuries, if not millennia. Some familiar instrument pairings we recognize today have organically evolved over the course of hundreds of years, while others resulted from necessity, accident, or a spontaneous, eccentric idea.

Since the inception of my sonic journey in 2019, my primary objective has been to immerse myself in the realm of sounds, understanding their nuances and origins. With an unwavering dedication to exploration, I strive to unearth my distinctive voice—a unique sonic signature. This pursuit involves continuous experimentation, learning, and the harmonious fusion of various instruments. Additionally, I keenly observe, record, and incorporate the ambient noise and sonic textures that surround me, contributing to the rich tapestry of my sonic endeavors.

 Open to collaborations and commissions!

If you listened to my music, sonic explorations and sound design, and you liked it, then please do not hesitate to send me a note to my electronic mailbox.

I am open to and I welcome collaborations and commissions.

Thank you very much.


levdudas [at] noewacreativemusic [dot] co [dot] uk