live in the studio, volumes 1 to 7

in the past 12 months I have spent lots of time in my studio, dedicating most of that time to my gear and devices, having some quality time together and learning about their capabilities and limitations, and then combining them in all sorts of ways; I have improvised a lot in order to find how respective devices could assist and emphasize some of the known characteristics and attributes of the other devices…

live in the studio, volume 8

live in the studio, volume 9

sleep – a musical triptych

sleep is about unusual, not necessarily bad, dreams, definitely not about nightmares…dreams that one wakes up to, remembers most of the details, but cannot explain events or recognize the people or understand conversations or explain deeds…usually in such dreams, vision is blurred, aural and other sense are hyper sensitive, and every detail matters.

randomness and noise

organics, calmness and shortwaves

first experiments and tributes

sonotheque series – sonic miniatures