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23rd March 2024, Saturday, Konsztrukting Soundz EVENIG #3, The Fishermen’s Chapel, Southend-on-Sea

Performing a duo with Phil Durrant in an extensive set of improvised electronic and electroacoustic music.

Event link: Konsztrukting Soundz, Evening #3

NOEWA live in the studio volume 1

live in the studio, volume 7

in the past 12 months I have spent lots of time in my studio, dedicating most of that time to my gear and devices, having some quality time together and learning about their capabilities and limitations, and then combining them in all sorts of ways; I have improvised a lot in order to find how respective devices could assist and emphasize some of the known characteristics and attributes of the other devices…

Live in the Studio

…I have left some of the instruments and devices on my desk after the kick off gig of Konsztrukting Soundz series on 27th January, and those few left were waiting on me for almost two weeks to connect them, play and record the impressions of the day, which was 8th February… …the video is the result of this effort…


on this very occasion I have decided to use more amplified objects and rely on field recordings than switching on multiple electronic instruments; though I had Soma’s RoAT with me as a support…the track is the full recording of my solo set at WORKINGS… concert held at Hundred Years Gallery (HYG) in London on 12th November 2023.
cover photo shows the gear and objects I have used during the performance…

Sound Design – Set Eerie #1

This set of sound designs was based on an idea to use a single, reasonably short field recording, unprocessed, and push it through various digital effects (software) with a minimal automation of the respective effects’ parameters…Sonically, all the results contain something very specific, in few cases, the original samples are unrecognizable…

Let’s Work Together

If you like my works and if my sonic explorations has sparked your imagination, let’s works together. I am ready for collaborations either by joining an individual or a band of musicians, or if you would like me to produce a music or soundtrack for your motion picture or exhibition I am also open for commissions.

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