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15th June 2024, Saturday, Konsztrukting Soundz EVENIG #6, The Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea

Performing a lenghty set with Raxil4, Hywel Jones and Rick Jensen.

Event link: Konsztrukting Soundz, Evening #6



 I pay tribute to Eduard ‘Papa Srapa’ Srapionov (Эдуард Альбертович Срапионов 1961 – 2022) an innovative and eccentric Russian experimental/noise sound artist from Rostov-on-Don, primarily known as a designer and creator of peculiar DIY synthesizers, electroacoustic instruments, and various music/non-music interactive objects and sculptures, often built from junk, cheap toys, household items, etc.

Live in the Studio

…I have watched so many ‘ambient’ pieces with Lyra-8, but I have never done and recorded one before, probably ’cause I thought there is enough of them already, and only a very few deserved attention and only very few of them actually showcased an unconvenitional approach to ambient with this orgnismic and living instrument…

Konsztrukting Soundz, Evening #5

…in these 13 minutes you could watch few excerpts from the amazing Konsztrukting Soundz Evening #5 concert which was held on 18th May 2024 at The Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea… …it was a stellar all-female line-up featuring Jo Morrison, Faradina Afifi, Bettina Schroeder, Nicky Smith, Lucia H Chung, Tansy Spinks, Iris Garrelfs and Georgina Brett…

p aranoi d II

…in this track I brought together two beasts: guitar fuzz box Fuzz God IV and Soma’s Lyra-8…to accomodate some sonic space I added Eventide’s Space stompbox…
…result is an amazing noise improv…

Let’s Work Together

If you like my works and if my sonic explorations has sparked your imagination, let’s works together. I am ready for collaborations either by joining an individual or a band of musicians, or if you would like me to produce a music or soundtrack for your motion picture or exhibition I am also open for commissions.

If that is so, please write me through a form below or directly to my email address at the top of the page

Thank you very much.

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